Watch Live: Myrtle Beach Web Cams

Last Updated on June 26th, 2024

Myrtle Beach webcams

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Webcam

Excellent quality webcam offering live views of downtown and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk. Watch people walking on the boardwalk, hanging out on the beach and playing volleyball. Live cam provided by EarthCam.

Sea Crest Myrtle Beach Webcam

Sits on top of the Sea Crest Resort in Myrtle Beach. Web cam controls are available and allow you to zoom in and out, change views and more. Excellent quality live stream provided by EarthCam.

Compass Cove Webcam

Great video quality. The Compass Cove webcam sits a little lower, which gives you a great view of the beach and the ocean. The camera will automatically switch views from time to time.

Coral Beach Resort Webcam

The Coral Beach Resort webcam is excellent quality and really peacful to watch. The camera sits on top of the resort and is pointed out towards the ocean. You're allowed to zoom in and zoom out but we couldn't find any option that allows you to control the pan.

Grande Shores Resort Webcam

One of our favorite Myrtle Beach webcams. Very high-quality live feed. Sitting on the very top of the hotel, you're able to watch people on the beach and the waves roll in. This cam has controls available so you're able to control the web cam yourself and switch the views.

RipTydz Bar Beach Cam

Excellent quality. Located on the outside of RipTydz Bar in Myrtle Beach and points towards 14th Ave Pier (also known as Pier 14). This web cam is not positioned as high as some of the others on our list, but still offers a pretty nice view.

Bar Harbor Myrtle Beach Cam

The live webcam at Bar Harbor Resort in Myrtle Beach offers a high-quality stream. When watching you can clearly see the entire 2nd Ave Pier near downtown and the boardwalk. This is one of only a few beach cams you can see 2nd ave pier live and up close.

Broadway at the Beach Webcam

We found that the Broadway at the Beach webcam is a little choppy. Even though the quality is not the best, it's still nice to see a live view of the lake at Broadway at the Beach, Ripley's Aquarium and WonderWorks.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach Webcam

View the imfamous upside-down building in Myrtle Beach live! The quality of the webcam is really good and clear. When watching, you're able to see the exterior of WonderWorks (located at Broadway at the Beach), a small area of Lake Broadway and the ferris wheel.

Ocean Lakes Campground Webcam

Great quality live camera that sits on top of the water park tower at Ocean Lakes Campground. Watch live as people go down the waterslide or swim in the pool. You're also able to see the campsite and ocean in the background.

North Myrtle Beach webcams

Boulineau's Web Cam

Sitting on top of Boulineau's, this is one of the only live webcams in Cherry Grove Beach. See a high-quality live feed of the beach and Sea Mountain Highway. The camera osclliates and zooms in randomly, perfect for up close people watching.

Avista Resort Webcam

The Avista Resort web cam is super high-quality. We love that you can see people enjoying the outdoor pools and lazy river at the hotel. When watching you can see Cherry Grove Pier and horizon pans of the coastline in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Condo-World Webcam

The Condo-World webcam is located on the outside of their office building in the Crescent Beach section of North Myrtle Beach. Directly facing Molly Darcy's, this live webcam is excellent quality and gives you a picture-perfect view of the ocean.

North Beach Plantation Live Web Cam

Good quality. See a live feed of the outdoor pools and swim-up bar at North Beach Plantation in North Myrtle Beach, SC. You're able to see a little bit of the ocean and beach too.

Elliott Beach Rentals Webcam

Excellent quality. This webcam provided by Elliott Beach Rentals is located at the public beach access at 7th Ave South in North Myrtle Beach. Watch live views of the ocean and beach.

Cherry Grove Pier Webcam

The Cherry Grove Pier cam is located at Prince Resort. Not a high-quality feed but still worth watching. You're able to control the position of the webcam, which is a nice feature. You'll often see people on the beach, fishing from the pier and surfing.

OD Pavillion Live Webcam

Even though the quality isn't that great, the OD Pavillion webcam is still really fun to watch. See the outdoor patio area, shaggers dancing, people drinking and just plain 'ol hanging out.

Surfside Beach webcams

Guy Daniels Surf Cam

Great quality stream but we wished that it offered different views. The Guy Daniels surf cam is located at 13th Ave South in Surfside Beach, SC. This is the only live webcam that we were able to find in the area.

Pawleys Island webcams

Pawleys Island Realty Live Webcam

Good quality stream provided by Pawley's Island Realty. Watch a live view of the beach at Pawley's Island, South Carolina. The webcam is pointed directly at the coastline, allowing you to see the Atlantic Ocean and the beach.

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Status Update Reports

June 26th, 2024 We added the water tower web cam at Ocean Lakes Campground. This is a really cool live feed to watch and we hope you enjoy!
June 20th, 2024 Thanks to a tip from someone in a local Facebook Group, we added the new Boulineau's live webcam. We don't come across many webcams in Cherry Grove — so this one was a welcomed addition to our growing list.
November 6th, 2023 We made a few updates, including fixing a few links on the page and removing ADs to improve user experience. Most notably, Bar Harbor Resort changed the link to their live feed, so we updated the listing to reflect the change.
August 28th, 2023 Watch live as Hurricane Idalia makes its way towards Myrtle Beach. Hoping everyone stays safe as the storm develops.
September 23rd, 2022 Today we added a new section to the page to showcase different webcams located in nearby Pawley's Island, SC, with our first live feed coming from Pawley's Island Realty. We're looking forward to adding more as we discover them.
September 7th, 2022 We were notified that the Elliott Beach Rentals webcam is live again and we've gone ahead and updated the link. Also, we have a new live webcam that we've added to our list that we're pretty excited about: WonderWorks Myrtle Beach.
May 23rd, 2022 We were notified today by one of our users that the Elliott Beach Rentals webcam is down. We've reached out to them and we're waiting to hear back on when they think it'll be live again.
March 10th, 2021 Spring is in the air and tourism season is upon us in Myrtle Beach. We haven't added any new webcams but we are excited to be able to see the live action as it happens at the beach, especially until we're able to visit ourselves.
September 10th, 2020 We've added another live feed of North Myrtle Beach. The Condo-World webcam offers a high-quality live stream of the Crescent Beach section of NMB; capturing views of the ocean, Molly Darcy's and the nearby beach access at 17th Ave South.
April 6th, 2020 We're finally finished with a complete overhaul of our webcams page! We've gone through and updated the layout and removing old listings to feeds that were no longer active. Enjoy!
September 3rd, 2019 Watch as Hurricane Dorian heads towards Myrtle Beach. We'll be updating our page with any camera outages as the hurricane gets closer to the area.
August 8th, 2019 After a few months of outage, we're happy to report that the live webcam at Compass Cove Resort is live again.
June 28th, 2019 Summer is in full swing here in Myrtle Beach. Sit back and enjoy the view.
February 26th, 2019 Stay tuned as we look to add even more Myrtle Beach web cams to our list for 2019.
September 11th, 2018 Watch live as Hurricane Florence heads towards Myrtle Beach. We'll continue to keep the status of each live web cam updated when outages inevitably happen as the hurricane comes closer to the South Carolina coast.
July 18th, 2018 We're happy to report that the Cherry Grove Pier web cam is live again. The stream seems to be higher quality than before. Enjoy!
July 10th, 2018 The Cherry Grove Pier web cam seems to be down. As soon as the live stream is working again we'll update the status.
July 8th, 2018 Over the holiday week we were notified that the web cam at Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach is up and running again. It seems like a very high-definition stream with multiple views of the beach and the pool area at the resort.
May 8th, 2018 We're happy to add another live cam to our growing list. Thanks for the heads-up from our buddy Conrad, Riptydz Bar in Myrtle Beach is the newest addition. Choose from four different camera views: pier, inside bar, volleyball court or Ocean Blvd.
January 5th, 2018 Our friend Alex noticed that the Compass Cove web cam was down, so we updated the status. We'll reach out to Compass Cove to see why the camera is no longer live and if they plan on getting it up and running again.
November 28th, 2017 Today, we updated the status of 2 area beach cams and added Broadway at the Beach. The O.D Pavillion webcam is back up and so is Harbourgate Marina. The marina's web cam is cool because it actually lets you control the direction and zoom. Definitely worth checking out if you have spare time while watching. The Broadway at the Beach live feed is a little laggy and shaky, but it's better than nothing at all.
November 2nd, 2017 The weather in Myrtle Beach has been just beautiful lately. I think it's the perfect time for the folks up North to kick back, relax and watch waves crash live online by watching out webcams. I did a little bit of regular maintenance today and checked the feeds to make sure all of the cameras are working. It seems like the Harbourgate Marina cam gets turned off at night.
September 11th, 2017 The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area is starting to see the impact of Hurricane Irma. We're seeing a lot of local reports of flooding as the storm surge continue to push water towards beach accesses and roads near the beach. Looking at some of the resort cams you can see what's happening live. Cherry Grove is another area that is getting hammered by the high tide and rising waters. As things with Hurricane Irma develop more, we'll continue to keep our page updated.
September 6th, 2017 In preparation for Hurricane Irma coming to Myrtle Beach and the rest of South Carolina, we've added two new web cams to our list. The newly added live feeds are from Coral Beach Resort and Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach, bringing our total count to 21 cameras.
July 25th, 2017 Our Myrtle Beach web cams page is better than ever. We completely redesigned it to make it easier for our visitors to view. Added a new "destinations" section and pictures for the drone videos. Also, we deleted the NMB Chamber's web cam because the link was the same as the Cherry Grove Pier cam we already had.
June 17th, 2017 Today is an exciting day! We added a section on our page for Myrtle Beach drone videos. We'll be showcasing the best aerial footage of North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach and nearby areas.
June 10th, 2017 It's always nice to have a new addition to our list of web cams in Myrtle Beach. Today we're adding Elliott Realty's beach cam to our list. We're told the location of the camera is just off of the beach, at 7th Avenue South in North Myrtle Beach, SC.
April 16th, 2017 We've added a newcomer to the list, presented by Seaside Rentals. Their live beach cam is located in Garden City, South Carolina.
March 27th, 2017 We noticed a few of the web cams were down today. We've reached out to each of them to get their current status. We also moved Retreat Myrtle Beach's live cam back to the 'SoCoastal Favorites' section at the top of the page.
January 5th, 2017 Added web cam for North Beach Plantation. Great quality feed, but we definitely wish it was pointed towards the pools and the swim-up bar. Picture will be added soon.
January 2nd, 2017 The Ocean Watersports web cam is back up and running again. The status has been changed to Live. Happy beach watching!
November 28th, 2016 We're happy to report that the Cherry Grove Pier web cam is live again. Also, we've confirmed that the Retreat Myrtle Beach live web cam is back up and running. Business as usual here at the beach!
November 10th, 2016 We noticed that the Beach Cove Resort live feed is working again. Updated the web cam's status.
November 2nd, 2016 Removed the Retreat Myrtle Beach web cam from our list of favorites due to outage. We've notified them directly and are waiting for them to get the web cam up and running. Once it's confirmed to be live and operation, we'll update the status of the web cam.
October 17th, 2016 Swapped out the Dead Dog Saloon stage cam for their Murrells Inlet Marshwalk web cam. This will definitely be on our SoCoastal's Favorite list soon due to the great quality and angle of the live feed. Crown Reef Resort web cam was removed due to poor quality.
October 13th, 2016 Confirmed that the Cherry Grove Pier web cam is still down. Also confirmed that the Ocean Watersports beach cam in North Myrtle Beach is still down.
October 12th, 2016 Confirmed that the Harbourgate Marina and Beach Cove Resort web cams are still down.
October 12th, 2016 Noticed that the Grande Shores web cam in Myrtle Beach is live again. Updated our list to reflect the status change.
October 11th, 2016 We reached out to the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce to get verification on the status of their web cam. They stated they were having technical difficulties due to the recent power outages and that the web cam would be live within the next few days.
October 11th, 2016 Confirmed that the O.D Pavillion web cam is still down. We sent a message to them on their Facebook page for a status update. Waiting to hear back.
October 10th, 2016 Due to Hurricane Matthew making its mark on the Myrtle Beach area, we've been experiencing outages of various web cams on our list. We'll continue to keep this page updated as the webcams come back online. Thanks in advance for your patience and please let us know if you notice any status changes for the web cams.
October 9th, 2016 Removed the Broadway at the Beach webcam after being notified by their social media personnel that it was taken down over a year ago (whoops!).
October 8th, 2016 Added a new web cam by Retreat Myrtle Beach. The live feed is super high quality and one of the best we've seen in the area. Located in the Cherry Grove Beach section of N. Myrtle, you can regularly watch beach goers walking and exercising in the morning.
October 7th, 2016 We were inspired by our "beach buddy" Patricia Blackstock to create our own Myrtle Beach web cams page. Thanks, Patricia!

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