Student Rentals in Myrtle Beach, SC

We found the best Myrtle Beach student rentals so you don't have to. If you are under 25 years old and looking to visit Myrtle Beach for Senior Week or Spring Break -- you’ve come to the right place. Our carefully-crafted guide to student friendly rentals will cover unique rental policies you should expect to see, the best vacation rental companies to book your group trip with how to avoid getting evicted once you're here.

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Why are student friendly rentals hard to find?

It’s no secret that property managers believe that renting to anyone under the age of 25 (typically high school or college students), comes with an inherent higher level of risk and liability. They assume you’ll party, cause damage to the property (inside, outside or both) or that you’ll leave it a mess.

It’s because of these assumptions that there are only a few student friendly rentals available. Most private owners and property management companies don’t want the added risk or liability.

Fact: SoCoastal monitors over 40 different property managers and tracks 4,000+ individual vacation rentals across the Myrtle Beach area. Of the 4,000+ known rental properties in our database, approximately 100 of them (2.5%) are designated as student rentals.

Rental policies for students

As we talked about previously, property management companies believe renting to students (and adults under the age of 25 in general) comes with more risk. Because of that, there are rental policies put in place by property managers to help lessen that risk and make them feel more comfortable renting to you and your group.

Examples of student-specific rental policies

  • Each person in the group that is under the age of 21 will have to have a parent or guardian co-sign the rental lease agreement.

  • The contact information of each guest staying at the rental property must be submitted to the property manager.

  • Each student must submit a photocopy of their driver’s license or state identification card to be kept on file.

  • A refundable damage deposit is required.

  • A chaperone (parent only) must be present at the property during the dates specified within the rental agreement.

Important Note: Policies will vary based on which student rental company you choose.

Avoid getting evicted from your rental

Whether you’re coming to Myrtle Beach for Senior Week or Spring Break, there’s a few ground rules that everyone in your group needs to be aware of before stepping foot in your rental. Following these rules will save you trouble, headaches and most importantly, money.

  • Rule #1: Do not get the cops called on you.

    Most rental agreements have clauses that give the property manager the right to possibly evict you, keep your security deposit, charge you an additional fee or all of the above.

  • Rule #2: Do not trash the rental property.

    This includes leaving trash on the outside or the inside. Failure to follow this rule can result in you being charged an additional cleaning fee and the loss of your security deposit.

  • Rule #3: Do not forget to inspect your vacation rental upon check-in.

    As soon as everyone in your group arrives at the property, you should all divide and conquer, carefully inspecting the rental for any damage. Be sure to take photos and document any pre-existing damage that you find. Afterwards, call the property management company to notify them of the damage and email them any photos that you took along the way. Failure to follow this simple rule can cause you to be charged for damage that you did not do.

  • Rule #4: Do not make excessive noise.

    This includes yelling or playing loud music. This will likely make your neighbors angry and they could call the local police department and report you. This does not mean you can't have fun or listen to music. Just don’t do either so loudly that your neighbors feel like they are in the house with you.

  • Rule #5: Do not exceed maximum occupancy of your student rental.

    The rental agreement that you signed prior to arrival clearly defines how many people will be staying at the property. Not only is going over that limit a safety hazard, but it can cause you to be in breach of your contract and provide grounds for immediate eviction and loss of your security deposit.

Student-friendly Vacation Rental Companies in Myrtle Beach

We're currently in the process of adding these listing to our website.

If you need a recommendation, contact us and we'll put you in touch with a few different property managers that have student friendly accommodations.

When is Beach Week and Spring Break in Myrtle Beach?

Senior Week

Senior Week (also known as College Week, Beach Week or First Week) is a week when recent high school and college students visit Myrtle Beach to celebrate graduation.

Because each high school and college university have varied schedules, Senior Week dates for Myrtle Beach typically fall between the end of May and early June.

Spring Break

Spring Break is a week when college and high school students take group trips to the beach during their time off from school in the Spring.

The dates for Spring Break in Myrtle Beach usually fall between the middle and end of March.

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