Know Before You Go: North Myrtle Beach No Smoking Rules

No Smoking Rules for North Myrtle Beach SC

The city of North Myrtle Beach passed a “no smoking” city ordinance back in March of 2012. The ordinance prohibits smoking in enclosed public places, city-owned facilities and places of employment and certain outside facilities.

Knowing exactly where you can't smoke in North Myrtle Beach can be confusing. We’ve made it easy to understand by compiling a handy cheat-sheet to help make you aware of local smoking laws, ordinances and provide answers to common questions.

Side note: It looks like Myrtle Beach may try and follow suit. In February 2020, a Myrtle Beach city council member proposed an ordinance that would ban smoking in public spaces, city-owned areas and even on the beach. Surfside Beach was the first city on the Grand Strand to implement a smoking ban, which they did in 2008.

Common Questions We Get About the "No Smoking" Law

Where Can I Smoke Here? Notes
Inside hotel room Refer to the hotel's smoking policy.

Each hotel will have their own individual smoking policy.

Example Policy: Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Smoking is prohibited inside of hotel rooms or on balconies.

On the Beach Yes

Be mindful of and courteous to others when smoking on the beach. It's common courtesy to smoke in an area of the beach where you are (a) not near other visitors and/or (b) other beach goers will not be subjected to your "down-wind" smoke. Please keep North Myrtle Beach clean by disposing of all cigarette butts in the nearest garbage container.

Outside on condo balcony Refer to the owner's and/or property manager's smoking policy.

This is going to depend on the combination of (i) which resort / hotel / condominum complex and (ii) the policies in place by the property management company and/or private owner of the specific vacation rental you are renting.

Example Policy: You are permitted to smoke on the balcony, but the sliding glass door must be shut. Additionally, you are not permitted to smoke in common areas, despite the fact that they are not enclosed (pool, hot tub, lazy river, etc.) and must only smoke in designated smoking areas.

Extremely Important: Always ask about the smoking policy for the specific vacation rental or hotel before making your reservation. Violation of a policy could be grounds for immediate eviction and forfeiture of money paid.

No Smoking Areas as Defined by City Ordinance

Prohibition of smoking in enclosed public places, city-owned facilities and places of employment and certain outside facilities.

  • (a) All enclosed areas, including buildings owned, leased, or operated by the City of North Myrtle Beach.

  • (b) The prohibition against smoking e-cigarettes shall only extend to bars and restaurants.

  • (c) With the exception of e-cigarettes as indicated in subsection (b) above, smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed public places within the City of North Myrtle Beach, including but not limited to, the following places:

  • (1) Aquariums, galleries, libraries, and museums.

  • (2) Areas available to the general public in businesses and non-profit entities patronized by the public, including but not limited to, banks, laundromats, professional offices, and retail service establishments.

  • (3) Bars.

  • (4) Bingo facilities.

  • (5) Child care and adult day care facilities.

  • (6) Convention facilities.

  • (7) Educational facilities, both public and private.

  • (8) Elevators.

  • (9) Gaming facilities.

  • (10) Health care facilities.

  • **(11) Hotels and motels.

  • **(12) Lobbies, hallways, and other common areas in apartment buildings, condominiums, trailer parks, retirement facilities, nursing homes, and other multiple-unit residential facilities.

  • (13) Polling places.

  • (14) Public transportation vehicles, including buses and taxicabs, under the authority of the City of North Myrtle Beach, and ticket, boarding, and waiting areas of public transportation facilities, including bus, train, and airport facilities.

  • (15) Restaurants.

  • (16) Restrooms, lobbies, reception areas, hallways, and other common-use areas.

  • (17) Retail stores.

  • **(18) Rooms, chambers, places of meeting or public assembly, including school buildings, under the control of an agency, board, commission, committee or council of the City of North Myrtle Beach or a political subdivision of the State, to the extent the place is subject to the jurisdiction of the City of North Myrtle Beach.

    Exceptions: campground spaces, lodgings, or sleeping accommodations furnished by any hotel, inn, tourist court, tourist camp, motel, campground, condominium complex, structures owned or rented as time shares, or residence.

  • (19) Service lines.

  • (20) Shopping malls.

  • (21) Sports arenas, including enclosed places in outdoor arenas.

  • (22) Ball parks, athletic fields and other sporting/athletic venues when in use for athletic competitions or public performances, public parks, amphitheaters; except in designated smoking areas.

  • (23) Theaters and other facilities primarily used for exhibiting motion pictures, stage dramas, lectures, musical recitals, or other similar performances.
  • (d) Smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed areas of places of employment without exception. This includes, without limitation, common work areas, auditoriums, classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, private offices, elevators, enclosed hallways, medical facilities, cafeterias, employee lounges, stairs, restrooms, and all other enclosed facilities.

  • (e) This prohibition on smoking shall be communicated to all existing employees by the effective date of this article and to all prospective employees upon their application for employment.

Disclaimer: does not offer legal services and this article is not to be considered legal advice. You can view an official copy of the city of North Myrtle Beach's no smoking ordinance here.

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